IT that works for your veterinary clinic

Bridge IT Support (formerly KKC Technologies) is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure veterinary clinics have the most reliable and professional IT service in Grand Rapids and the surrounding West Michigan area. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Here’s why so many clinics depend on Bridge IT Support for complete computer services:

Veterinary Technology Specialists: Any IT company can repair a computer, but veterinary clinics are very complex integrations that most IT companies have never seen. Every one of our technicians is trained specifically on veterinary office technology, including computers, servers, network equipment, blood machines, x-ray equipment, a variety of practice management software, etc…, resulting in fast and complete resolution of your clinic’s technical problems.

15 Years of Technology Experience: Bridge IT Support began in the dental technology field in 2004, and shortly thereafter added veterinary clinic services due to their similar technology networks and software.  Since then, we have been designing, installing, and supporting the complex integration of all the components of a veterinary clinic, meaning we have probably seen your problems before, and can quickly get them fixed.

Proven Fast Support: When we ask our clients what Bridge IT Support does better than any other IT support company, or the single biggest benefit of using Bridge IT Support, the number one answer is “prompt and quick to respond, even when not a critical situation.” Our experience specific to a veterinary clinic environment allows us to solve your problem quickly and efficiently - simply stated - it takes us less time to deliver.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, Bridge IT Support is here to team up with you and your clinic for expert support.

Quick to Respond

Bridge IT always stays on top of things, and are there when we need them!  They are quick to respond to our requests or any problems that arise. They are also extremely accountable - they would never blame an issue on another vendor or "point fingers" to prove who or what caused an issue - they own the situation and solve our problems!  

They have a friendly, professional team that has never let us down.  They are truly like having an in-house IT team.

As a business owner, I can rest comfortably knowing my business data is as safe as possible from cyber attacks and that we have a plan to get up and running as fast as possible if such an event were to occur.

Dr. Lynn Happel, DVM and Owner Eastown Veterinary Clinic
Grand Rapids, MI

Willing to go Above and Beyond

We can call Bridge IT anytime we need assistance, and they are prompt, knowledgeable and happy to assist. They have wonderful follow-through, eagerness to assist, and willingness to go above and beyond. Everyone at Bridge IT truly treats their clients like family. We love Bridge IT!

Liz Goldberg Office Manager
Ada Hospital for Animals

A Great Understanding of Security

Bridge IT provides personalized and prompt service. They understand the urgency that is required when our system is not functioning properly, and that time is money for us to keep providing outstanding service to our clients and patients. Bridge IT also has a great understanding of security. Their reliable service makes this IT company unique.

Dr. Melissa Owings Kibby Park Animal Hospital

The Best Technician’s I’ve Ever Seen!

Bridge IT Support has both the technical experience and the willingness to customize services to the needs/wants of the individual client that other places don't always offer. Their proactive approach and ongoing monitoring of our system makes sure we are taking advantage of the latest technology. They have very good technicians- some of the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to troubleshooting problems!

Dr. Steven McBride Cascade Hospital for Animals

Worth their Weight in Gold in Skill, Knowledge and Timeliness!

Same day resolution to any problems or errors that arise has been the biggest benefit since moving to Bridge IT for our computer support. Being able to talk to someone right away or within a short time frame later helps get the problem resolved early before it turns into something else or slows down our work flow for our patients.

The communication with Bridge IT has been so much better than any other IT company we have worked with in the past. I am NOT a tech type person, so being able to explain things to them in my terms and for them to understand what I mean is huge. Being able to communicate with them has been such a breath of fresh air!

When choosing an IT company-You get what you pay for! Bridge IT has been worth their weight in gold in skill, knowledge, and timeliness with helping us!

Dianne Perry-Smith Hospital Administrator
Pinecrest Animal Hospital
Owosso, MI

It Doesn’t Take Days for Someone to Respond!

Our network/practice management system used to be an enormous hodge podge of "this and that" all inefficiently patched together, constantly causing us grief. Bridge It came in and cleaned ALL of that up and got our network and practice management system running like one unit without ANY "band-aids." No more network problems = no more stress = happy and efficient employees!

Staying up-to-date on new technology and advancements, keeping us informed of what works and needs to be upgraded or replaced in order for us to continue to function smoothly, is what they do better than other IT companies we have dealt with. And if we do run into any hiccups it doesn't take DAYS for someone to respond. Any problems are typically fixed the same day or within a few days at the most.

If you are considering a new IT company, switch to Bridge IT Support! You won't be sorry! They know what they're doing and they excel at what they do! We're definitely happy we made the switch!

Tammy D., Practice Manager Practice Manager
Grand Haven Animal Hospital
Grand Haven, MI

Computer Issues No Longer Interrupt Our Business

Bridge IT is very helpful and knowledgeable about how technology affects a business, how it runs security issues and more. They helped us understand potential security issues and what technology needs would benefit our business. It is so nice now to no longer have IT computer issues interrupting our business flow!

Dr. Mary Kinser Owner/Veterinarian
Greenville Animal Hospital