I would HIGHLY recommend this IT group to anyone! The Best in town!

Our practice has been with BRIDGE IT SUPPORT for many years. I can say without a doubt, they are the best in town! Their attention to detail, their knowledge with making conservative decisions that are best for your business, and their overall customer service is outstanding! Every and anytime that I call or email them, they respond immediately and are always willing to go above and beyond to help with whatever we may need. The management and staff are a very unique, genuine group that you can tell work together and support each other immensely.

I would HIGHLY recommend this IT group to anyone! They are truly an outstanding company and have continued to deliver superior service!

Jill Schultz, RDH Practice Manager
Eisin Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Fast Turn-Around Time

The benefit of using Bridge IT is their service, which allows me to focus on treating patients without having to worry or try to find the fix for computer issues.

Compared to other IT firms, they provide fast turn-around time (most issues are fixed same day), and don’t have expensive service fees with their ability to link into the computers to make the fix.

They are great people with great service.  They laugh with me rather than at me when all I needed to do was reboot!

Dr. Connie Verhagen, D.D.S., M.S. West Coast Pediatric Dentistry
Muskegon, MI

Quick to Respond

Bridge IT always stays on top of things, and are there when we need them!  They are quick to respond to our requests or any problems that arise. They are also extremely accountable - they would never blame an issue on another vendor or "point fingers" to prove who or what caused an issue - they own the situation and solve our problems!  

They have a friendly, professional team that has never let us down.  They are truly like having an in-house IT team.

As a business owner, I can rest comfortably knowing my business data is as safe as possible from cyber attacks and that we have a plan to get up and running as fast as possible if such an event were to occur.

Dr. Lynn Happel, DVM and Owner Eastown Veterinary Clinic
Grand Rapids, MI

Over a Decade of Proven Exceptional Service and Support

We've been with Bridge IT Support since we started our practice 12 years ago. We knew we wanted to create a digital practice that was on the cutting edge of technology and Bridge IT has helped us to achieve that goal. They've done an awesome job installing and maintaining our digital network and we have peace of mind knowing they will provide exceptional support each day as well.

They've proven themselves to us with over a decade of exceptional service and support.

Dr. Scott Nelson, DDS Centerstone Family Dentistry
Holland, MI

Great Customer Service, Prompt, Friendly, Dependable

Bridge IT provides very prompt service when needed with a team that knows what they are doing.  Not once has there been an issue that hasn’t been resolved.

They give great customer service, have developed a FRIENDLY TEAM and top it off with fair pricing.

Compared to other IT companies we have used in the past, Bridge IT’s team is very dependable.  It really feels as though they are an extension of our team instead of just a company that we call if something breaks.

Kristen Ritzema Office Manager / Team Leader
Complete Health Dentistry of West Michigan Grand Rapids, MI

Personal, Responsive and Organized IT Company

The best thing that Bridge IT has done for us has been giving us a great network connection. Our dental office is a renovated medical building and, due to its size, presented challenges for every IT person who has been here through the years. After Bridge IT got involved, I was able to submit payroll from my desk for the first time in 10 years!
There are SO many things that Bridge IT does better than anyone else…..the first is personalized service. Other IT companies come into the office and develop a “plan.” This really involves the company giving everyone the same cookie cutter recommendations and spending thousands of dollars to update every computer. Bridge IT actually looks at how everything is functioning and prioritizes IT recommendations.

In addition to this, they answer the phone right away! There is always someone knowledgeable on the other end. They are organized. In a business where details matter, this counts!

You will not regret switching to Bridge IT Support!

Dr. Jennifer Byrd Family Dentistry of Lowell

Our Technology is NO Longer an Area of Frustration:

Bridge IT has a consistent approach to managing our technology that helps assure our patient information is secure. They are VERY available and responsive! With past IT partners, it was always a wait in getting a problem resolved.

If you are on the fence about switching IT providers, I'd say if you want a partner who is vested in the success of your practice, choose Bridge. In the past, technology was always an area of frustration -- I now feel more secure that we are on top of things and can focus more on serving our patients.

Nichole Shugars Business Manager
Eric T. Shugars, DDS, MS

Professional and Timely

Bridge IT does a great job of interaction with my office. Any inquiry is addressed in a professional and timely manner. Their team is always willing to "walk" me through any applications. Bridge IT supports our office and has done a wonderful job in keeping our network and operations moving forward.

Anyone looking for an IT firm that has the necessary skills, yet also provides a comfortable air of support; then they should definitely look up Bridge IT.

Dr. Kip P. Etheridge, D.D.S Etheridge Dentistry

Worth their Weight in Gold in Skill, Knowledge and Timeliness!

Same day resolution to any problems or errors that arise has been the biggest benefit since moving to Bridge IT for our computer support. Being able to talk to someone right away or within a short time frame later helps get the problem resolved early before it turns into something else or slows down our work flow for our patients.

The communication with Bridge IT has been so much better than any other IT company we have worked with in the past. I am NOT a tech type person, so being able to explain things to them in my terms and for them to understand what I mean is huge. Being able to communicate with them has been such a breath of fresh air!

When choosing an IT company-You get what you pay for! Bridge IT has been worth their weight in gold in skill, knowledge, and timeliness with helping us!

Dianne Perry-Smith Hospital Administrator
Pinecrest Animal Hospital
Owosso, MI

Confidently Installed and Manages Our Complex System

It has been a great benefit to have Bridge IT’s on-demand support to fix whatever technical issues we may be having. They confidently installed and have managed our complex system from day one. Their team members are friendly and helpful, follow through until the issue is resolved, and absolutely go over the top with service to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Dr. Christopher “Chip” Niquette Jr., DDS Third Coast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Freaky Fast Response Time!
Better than any other IT we have dealt with previously, Bridge IT responds to you right away. It is almost freaky fast like a certain sub place! They answer our calls EVERY time!!

We receive a monthly report of exactly the service provided so there is no question as to what you are paying for. Our company never had that service before and it helps to be able to go back and look. If you’re looking for a new IT company, DO NOT go somewhere else!! I have all my needs met with Bridge IT. Best part is they provide over and above service compared to pricing. A Great Company.

Angela Yerian Studio/Project Manager
2B Studio

Reliable and Knowledgable Team That Knows What Our Practice Needs To Run Securely and Smoothly

The biggest benefit we have with Bridge IT Support is knowing we have a reliable and knowledgeable team working hard to watch over all of our IT needs. They have great customer service, and know what our needs are as a dental office, specifically for HIPAA compliance, security and knowing what will make our office run smoother. We always feel confident knowing they are there to help us out! Their team is very professional and offers great service. They invest time and knowledge into each individual office’s needs.

Dr. Christopher Hier, DDS

Prompt Help, Even When Not Critical

Bridge IT is very knowledgeable with dental industry software and hardware, and our needs. We have worked with Bridge IT so long, we can’t remember what life was like before them! They are prompt in helping us with technical issues, even when it is not a critical situation.

Patty Elushik Office Manager
Strikwerda Family Dentistry
Holland, MI

Willing to go Above and Beyond

We can call Bridge IT anytime we need assistance, and they are prompt, knowledgeable and happy to assist. They have wonderful follow-through, eagerness to assist, and willingness to go above and beyond. Everyone at Bridge IT truly treats their clients like family. We love Bridge IT!

Liz Goldberg Office Manager
Ada Hospital for Animals


Not only is Bridge IT quick to respond, but most importantly we can trust them with our network system.

Dr. Thomas Burdo, DDS Grand Rapids, MI

It Doesn’t Take Days for Someone to Respond!

Our network/practice management system used to be an enormous hodge podge of "this and that" all inefficiently patched together, constantly causing us grief. Bridge It came in and cleaned ALL of that up and got our network and practice management system running like one unit without ANY "band-aids." No more network problems = no more stress = happy and efficient employees!

Staying up-to-date on new technology and advancements, keeping us informed of what works and needs to be upgraded or replaced in order for us to continue to function smoothly, is what they do better than other IT companies we have dealt with. And if we do run into any hiccups it doesn't take DAYS for someone to respond. Any problems are typically fixed the same day or within a few days at the most.

If you are considering a new IT company, switch to Bridge IT Support! You won't be sorry! They know what they're doing and they excel at what they do! We're definitely happy we made the switch!

Tammy D., Practice Manager Practice Manager
Grand Haven Animal Hospital
Grand Haven, MI

Prompt and Detail Oriented

The team at Bridge IT Support did a great job for our dental office.  They were prompt, detail oriented and were a pleasure to work with.  We look forward to a continued relationship with Bridge IT.

Lois Elzinga Office Manager
Hoekwater Family Dental
Wyoming, MI

A Great Understanding of Security

Bridge IT provides personalized and prompt service. They understand the urgency that is required when our system is not functioning properly, and that time is money for us to keep providing outstanding service to our clients and patients. Bridge IT also has a great understanding of security. Their reliable service makes this IT company unique.

Dr. Melissa Owings Kibby Park Animal Hospital

Follow Through As Promised

I hired Bridge IT to help me with the Windows 10 mitigation. During our meetings they were very confident in their ability to get the conversion done in a timely matter. I was a little skeptical because I have been burned by IT companies in the past. I was pleasantly surprised that everything went as smoothly as they forecasted and was operational on time. They value and deliver accountability. They are very easy to get a hold of. I have all the confidence that they will be able to help you through your IT needs. Highly recommend them.

Dr. Chas Jensen Rogue River Family Dental
Rockford, MI

Computer Issues No Longer Interrupt Our Business

Bridge IT is very helpful and knowledgeable about how technology affects a business, how it runs security issues and more. They helped us understand potential security issues and what technology needs would benefit our business. It is so nice now to no longer have IT computer issues interrupting our business flow!

Dr. Mary Kinser Owner/Veterinarian
Greenville Animal Hospital

Constant Peace of Mind, Even Through Our Construction Project!

Bridge IT gives us the constant peace of mind that we are covered no matter what IT concerns come up. All it takes is a simple phone call and Bridge gets us up and running in no time. The monthly plans allow for my needs to be met at an affordable rate without having to worry about anything.

Our new office construction project went better than I could have ever imagined. The Bridge IT Team went above and beyond to make sure everything happened when and how it should have. They were on top of everything from start to finish. We have had no issues at all since our installation.

You really can't go wrong with the guys at Bridge. They are trustworthy and really do a great job explaining everything, especially to those of us who are not the most tech-savvy.

Dr. Lindsey Vogl Robinson Ada Dental Co.

Peace of Mind and Managed Service Focused

We appreciate the peace of mind of their security, back-up and managed service programs. They offer several different options/levels to choose from.

During our new construction project, we were very impressed with how thorough Bridge IT was from the very beginning of the planning process all the way through the end of construction.

We feel very confident recommending Bridge IT to other colleagues. 

Dr. Christy Vollmar and Dr. Meghan Condit Grand River Pediatric Dentistry

Not Just Another Vendor-They are a True Partner!

Bridge IT provides excellent service. They are professionals and have enabled us to consolidate all of our computer and network needs. They are readily available to answer questions and troubleshoot our issues with very little downtime. Bridge IT is current and well informed on the latest cyber threats, hardware and software issues on our platform. They are able to keep us up and running which allows us to focus on our business and serving our clients,

I would absolutely recommend Bridge IT to anyone who is considering an IT partner. They are not just another vendor, they are a true partner!

Charlie Roggenbeck Co-owner of VHC, Finance Administrator

Speed of Responsiveness

Bridge IT Support is responsive to every issue we have had. Better than any other IT company I’ve worked with in the past. They are always helpful with anything from basic troubleshooting, all the way up to to PC repairs and installations. They do it all!

Dr. Michael Carl, DDS